What We Ship

There is a special bond between most cars and their owners. Whether your vehicle is the first car you ever bought, the tractor you need to get your work done, the boat you spent your summers in, or the RV taking you around the country, Aspen Insurance Security Company understands this precious bond and does everything to protect it.

Our expert associates at Aspen Insurance Security Company understand that you might be nervous about the thought of putting such an expensive investment in the hands of someone else to protect.

Don't worry. Aspen Insurance Security Company Auto Shippers has more than 15 years of time-tested experience, knowledge and capabilities to ship any vehicle. No matter what vehicle you are shipping or where you are shipping it, let the experts at Aspen Insurance Security Company handle it.

Aspen Insurance Security Company Vehicle and Auto Shipping

If you are moving / selling / buying a car or motorbike, Aspen Insurance Security Company will be able to assist. Our experienced team will help you look at the various options available to you to meet your Car or Motorbike shipping requirements whilst remaining in line with international vehicle shipping regulations. We provide very competitive rates for both roll on roll off and containerised shipments for your vehicles. We can ship anywhere in the World. All motorbikes will either be moved on flat racks strapped and secured or be shipped in motorcycle crates.

  • Inspection and export preparation
  • Steam cleaning and certification
  • Movement by roll on – roll off vessels
  • Shipping in 20ft or 40ft steel containers
  • Option to combine with personal effects
  • Customs clearance
  • Delivery to residence and inspection
Selling your Car or Motorbike

If you are importing your vehicle, we can offer import clearance, collection and delivery service throughout US.

  • Collection from the port
  • Unloading from container or trailer
  • Cleaning and preparation
  • Delivery to residence
  • Customs clearance at port of entry
  • Inspection and importation condition report

Aspen Insurance Security Company vehicle transport service ships a large variety of car and vehicle types including: